Your transition is in safe hands.

We deliver timely and efficient transitions, without sacrificing accuracy. Our highly experienced team use practical insights and trustworthy data to deliver a successful transition with improved outcomes for your members or investors from day one.

Our transition principles

Our team has drawn on our combined financial services and tech experience to design a core network with these guiding principles:

Clear goals & objectives
Comprehensive planning
Risk monitoring
Effective communication
Progress tracking
Stakeholder engagement

Watertight project governance

Sound project governance forms the foundation for a successful transition.

We adopt a proven governance structure to ensure ongoing project management and address decisions and escalations at the right time, with the right people. This means fewer mistakes along the way.

A partnership approach

A transition is only as good as the people who make it happen. At GROW Inc, we’ve handpicked experts in administration transitions, so your fund is in good hands. We partner with you to deliver a successful project that meets your desired outcomes.

We also consider impacts on both your teams and your members or investors, to create a positive transition experience for all.

A transparent process

Our transparent transition model rewards scale and digital-led funds.

Using our tried and tested approach together and DLTA’s code-free configuration, we provide flexibility while lowering the costs associated with transition. So, you can make a promise to your members and investors and be confident you’ll deliver.

Keen to learn more about our transition approach?