Open architecture providing the greatest flexibility.

Our admin online application offers administrators higher levels of transparency, access and efficiency. All through a simple platform with an intuitive user experience.

Infrastructure that provides the best of all worlds.


Cloud-based convenience

DLTA platform is an entirely cloud-based solution, hosted in highly secure Australian-based data centres.

We maintain control of the entire ecosystem, so you don’t need to worry about the additional costs and logistics of installation or hosting services.

Scalable for your needs

Cloud-based architecture also allows us to scale the infrastructure when needed. No matter the size of your customer base or the volume of transactions, the platform maintains fast, real-time response times.

DLTA can also scale to dynamic data flows to ensure ongoing efficiency in processing and sharing of data across the network.

Built to bounce back

As data can be shared across the node structure of the DLTA platform, our architecture is highly resilient with no single point of failure.

Its ‘self-healing’ capability ensures if a component fails, another instance replaces it. So, you can be confident that business will continue as usual.

Decoupling services

With distributed ledger technology, each node can operate independently of other network participants. This enables easier integration and allows you to take advantage of modular solutions that best suit your fund’s specific needs.

Security is priority

We combine a member-first service orientation with a superior, secure technology platform. The platform’s simple architecture enables timely updates to evolve with the changing security landscape.

Adding to the inherent security capabilities of DLTA, our cyber security practices adhere to the highest standards. We continually invest in cyber security to ensure your data is kept safe.

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