Elevating the experience for administrators.

Our admin online application offers clients higher levels of transparency, access and efficiency.

All through a simple platform with an intuitive user experience.

Admin online (AOL) provides administrators with access to real-time information, driving efficiency to optimise your admin operations. AOL is built on DLTA, powered by the deep functionality of the DLTA platform.

Easy to use

The clean, simple interface infuses efficiency into administration processes, contributing to improved SLAs and performance.

The user-friendly design of the admin online app enables use with minimal training required. Together with cloud-based accessibility, it helps streamline administrator onboarding.

Better service delivery

AOL enables your administration and member-facing teams to service your members with confidence and accuracy.

With a shared view of the member, anyone with access can see relevant data for the member, view updates and transfer tasks - all in one place.

Simplify workflow

Workflow integration allows teams to assign tasks and responsibilities to individuals with ease.

Your administrators are empowered to manage teams and resource allocation effectively, improving admin operations. You may even notice an uptick in the retention of admin staff.

Code-free configuration

No more waiting for developers or engineers to configure updates to admin processes.

Our admin online solution enables code-free configuration through the simple interface. That means any changes to your fund’s business rules can be implemented in fewer steps.

Want to see AOL in action?