We’re here through the journey with you.

At GROW Inc, we have a specialised team available to partner with you and support you in delivery post transition. Your roadmap is important and we help you get there.

Bolstered by future-proof governance principles


Creating alignment

GROW Inc’s alliance model brings together high calibre providers across a range of service offerings to enable you to implement the operating model that supports your fund’s objectives.

This model is backed by a governance forum run by our service delivery team so you can be confident all parties are on the same page.

A relational approach

Working with our alliance partners, we support open and transparent communication to best serve you.

Regular check-ins, reporting and resolution of any issues are overseen by a dedicated relationship manager to meet your specific needs and nurture our ongoing working relationship.

Support through change

We know that change is inevitable as you continue to grow and evolve with your members.

Our team are experts in change management and will work with you to ensure alignment across all parties as change is implemented. We focus on servicing you so you can focus on servicing your members.

Continual monitoring

When it comes to performance, we believe in full transparency. That’s why we collaborate with you in the delivery of services.

Through regular meetings, monthly check-ins and SLA reviews, we work with you to resolve any issues that arise along the journey.

Looking for ongoing service support?