Our solutions provide a better way to serve your members.

From technology to services, we help super funds drive real change and improve their member experience now and in the future.

We believe in empowering funds to shape their operating models through complete flexibility and open architecture.

Our guiding principles

Our team has drawn on our combined financial services and tech experience to design a core network with these guiding principles:

Unrivalled efficency
Open & flexible platform
Easy access to data
Compliant at the core

Streamline your operations

GROW delivers a comprehensive suite of services backed by a future-proof technology solution.

Our technology delivers an exceptional degree of straight-through processing and real-time data integrations between your chosen providers, so you can operate at a higher level.

Set your fund apart

Our core solutions are ready for you to customise to meet your fund’s unique needs and goals.

You can use our customisable out-of-the-box member online portal and contact centre solutions or bring your own to transform how you interact with members.

Control your operating model

With DLTA, you can control your operating model and enhance your ability to innovate on your offerings to create a better future for your members.

We offer a plug-and-play solution, enabling you to choose fit for purpose custody, insurance, banking, clearinghouse & CRM solutions.

Ultimate transparency

With our technology and administration approach, funds see what we see. You receive access to DLTA, providing a consistent view of your data and operations across all parties.

Open access to APIs with 100% coverage of your data enables you to take your data and use it however you need.

Robust compliance

We adopt a cyber-first approach to delivering our technology. Cyber security is our priority and our solutions are secure by design to ensure your fund and investor data are protected at all times.

Our broader operations and risk management approach also adhere to the highest global and local compliance standards, to give you peace of mind and keep you in the regulators’ good books.

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