You have the power to choose what to integrate.

Our ecosystem allows you to connect DLTA to other applications and systems, so you can power your operations your own way.

A solution defined by ease and transparency.

Real time

100% API coverage

GROW Inc has a digital-first approach to our offering. DLTA supports and responds to increased market demands to deliver a seamless, omni-channel experience to members and investors for deeper engagement.

We achieve this integration between platforms through an API layer that provides for real-time data feeds and STP capabilities.

Plug in your providers

From custody to insurance to banking, GROW Inc will connect your critical service provider solutions into our core underlying platform.
Our open architecture model enables a wide range of third-party integrations, so you can use your preferred providers to deliver products and services specific to your members or investors.

Control your customer journey

Have specific user portal, CRM, data analytics or correspondence solutions you wish to integrate? We help make this possible through APIs, event driven architecture and reverse ETL, so you can have oversight over every customer touchpoint.

Got questions about integrations?