We enable funds and managers to control their destiny.

We’ve built a platform that allows you to set your own pace for innovation. It’s designed to address both your current and future needs, so technology won’t ever hold you back again.

Meet DLTA, our API-based registry platform.

It's the engine that powers all of our technology products built on Distributed Ledger Technology. We know what works well and what doesn’t. DLTA challenges the status quo of legacy platforms, solving the unique set of problems faced by super funds, fund managers and the broader financial services industry.

Real-time data

Control through architecture

Differentiate your offering using DLTA’s open architecture. You have total control of your product design, operating model, cost structure, user experience and value proposition.

DLTA is operationally flexible and agile, allowing you to use your own applications and connect to the registry using APIs.

Next level security

With DLTA, a single user can’t change a record or transaction without all parties in the ecosystem agreeing. This significantly reduces the risk of fraud, cyber-crime or a security breach.

Most distributed ledger technology provides all nodes with the same set of data. DLTA uses Corda Enterprise, where data is sent to different nodes based on who should see the information, adding another layer of security. So, you can take comfort in knowing your data is in a safe and trusted environment.

Scale as you grow

Expecting growth? DLTA will get you there. DLTA is a highly scalable solution and allows the distribution of multiple products to members and investors from one platform across multiple jurisdictions.

DLTA also enables batch transactions through workflows for high volume inputs or business processes. So, you can service your growing member or investor base with ease.

Embrace efficiencies

DLTA leverages blockchain technology to provide all parties in the ecosystem access to a single source of truth, infusing greater efficiency and accuracy into operational processes.

Real-time data integrations allow all parties to see live updates in the system, enabling better service delivery for your customer-facing teams to improve your member or investor experience.

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